Get Involved

There are a number of ways each of us can work to begin healing the many scars most American communities have because of our nation's legacy of white supremacy and racial terrorism. Below you'll find a number of ways you can work with us or start an iniatiative in your own community.

Become Part of the MTP

  • Volunteer and become a team member working to digitize the 1860 U.S. Census Bureau Slave Schedules. Currently we have volunteers from all over the country (and some abroad) working on this project. To join the team or just find out more simply send us an email.
  • Work with us to expand our slave census project to include other former slaveholding states in the Southeast. The MTP needs help reaching out to other organizations and schools throughout the Southeast to expand this project. Help us do that; send us an email to volunteer or learn more.
  • Research and tell the story of one of the hundreds of people that has been lynched in this country in an attempt to erase them from the world. The MTP is developing a comprehensive database of victims and would appreciate your efforts to help us research and share what happened to so many Americans. For more information send us an email.
  • If you have documentation or have done research that might add to the work of the MTP please share it with us. We will gladly post it for others to see; please send us an email.
  • Join the MTP's effort to challenge state sanctioned Confederate culture in the South. Currently the project is in the research and strategizing stage of this campaign. For more information simply send us an email.
  • Spread the word throughout your social networks and on your social media about the MTP and help raise funds for the organization.

Start a Project in Your Own Communities

  • Explore, research, and educate others about your own community's racial history. Given that racism is an American disease, we encourage everyone to learn more about their own communities and work to have the lives lost to racial injustice in your own community acknowledged. And send us an email if you have a story or history to share.
  • Start or attend a local racial reconciliation effort in your community.
  • Approach local school systems and educators about teaching our local and national racial histories honestly and accurately. Lets work together to tell an honest, accurate, inclusive U.S. history.
  • Start an ongoing, long-term interracial dialogue in your places of employment, schools, civic organizations, and churches about race and our collective racial history
  • When racial incidents occur in your community get involved. Attend or organize events, listen, ask questions, hold local officials accountable, be willing to learn, and take a stand.

If any of these suggestions appeal to you, or you want more information, send us an email or give us a call at 229-234-2856 and we will get you started!

Let's Collaborate and Build a Movement

Since its creation in 2007, and in an effort to build movements for social change, over the years the Mary Turner Project and its members have worked with a number of grassroots and non-profit Civil Rights groups that include but are not limited to....

  • Concerned Clergies of Valdosta
  • The People's Tribune
  • The Lowndes/Valdosta NAACP
  • The Lowndes/Valdosta Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference
  • The Webb Miller Community Church
  • The Moore's Ford Memorial Committee
  • Black Voters Matter
  • The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus
  • Valdosta Coalition for Peace and Justice
  • Georgians for the Impeachment of Brian Kemp

  • If you are part of an organization that would like to collaborate and work for a more just world simply send us an email or give us a call at 229-234-2856 and we will get you started!