MTP Glossary

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  • Applied Social Research - sociological research that is based on the collection and analysis of empirical data that is used understand social phenomena in an effort to change that phenomena when it is deemed to be unjust or in violation of a societys expressed values.
  • Classism - the belief that one's economic standing in a society (i.e. being "rich" and/or "middle class") makes one a better or superior person/group compared to people in other economic groups (i.e. "the poor").
  • Corporate Capitalism - a globalized economic system and logic that prioritizes the generation of profit, for corporate members and "share holders," regardless of how the generation of that profit negatively impacts humans, nations, and the natural world.
  • Genocide - the deliberate and calculated attempt to entirely exterminate a group of humans belonging to an ethnic or cultural group.
  • Heterosexism - a cultural/political ideology and actions that dehumanizes and/or diminishes any person or group of people that do not conform to or promote heterosexual norms.
  • Ideology - a system of ideas and language shared by a group of people that shapes their value system, how they perceive material and social reality and therefore, how they behave and move through the world.
  • Imperialism - an ideology and process by which nations attempt to extend their economic, political, and/or social power and control over other sovereign nations.
  • Militarism - a cultural/political ideology that normalizes, celebrates, and regularly promotes military violence perpetrated by nation states, typically under the guise that such violence is morally justified and done in the pursuit of some noble cause (e.g. "defending freedom," "spreading democracy", "making the world safe for democracy," fighting "communism", etc.).
  • Patriarchy - a cultural/political ideology that holds that men are superior being in comparison to women.
  • Racism - the belief that one's own racial group is superior to all others.
  • Restorative Racial Justice - racial justice efforts that attempt to repair the social harm and division created by past and present racial injustices.
  • Sexism - the belief that one's own sex group (e.g. "male") is superior to all other sexes.
  • White Supremacist Ideology - a cultural/political meaning system that holds that people racialized as white, and the cultures they originate are from, are superior to all other non-white groups and cultures.