Free Research Services for
Families of Lynching Victims


Among our other areas of work, the MTP also regularly provides free research services to the families and desendants of lynching victims when requested to do so. Our goal in doing that is to help families unearth relevant documents and information related to their relative's murder and their family's history.

To date the MTP has helped family members locate relevant information and documents for the following lynching victims.

  • Simon Adams - June 8th, 1900 - Muscogee County, Georgia
  • Tom Allen - June 27th, 1911 - Walton County, Georgia
  • Walter Allen - April 1st, 1902 - Floyd County, Georgia
  • Lon Aycock - June 29th, 1905 - Oconee County, Georgia
  • Walter Asbury - August 18th, 1889 - Chatham County, Georgia
  • Wesley Cooper - November 17th, 1921 - Gwinnette County, Georgia
  • James Drisdom- October 6, 1922 - Clark County, Georgia
  • Dave Goosby - September 18, 1894 - Lowndes County, Georgia
  • Will Head - May 15th, 1918, Lowndes County, Georgia
  • Caleb Hill - June 14, 1949 - Baldwin County, Georgia
  • W.L. Ryder - July 17th, 1897 - Talbot County, Georgia
  • Maceo Snipes - July 17th, 1946 - Taylor County, Georgia
  • Mary Turner (a.k.a. Hattie Graham) - May 18th, 1918, Lowndes County, Georgia
  • If you are interested in using our free research services please send us an email with the link below. When you do so, please include as much information as you can about the event (e.g. names, approximate date, location,etc.) and any documentation (e.g. newpaper accounts, historical reference materials, etc.). Please also know that as a largely volunteer organization, it may take us a little time to respond to your request and to get started on the research. So please be patient with us. We will respond to your email with 5 business days and get started on the research as soon as possible.