MTP Work

With the help of scholars, students, and teams of volunteers across the country, the MTP currently conducts applied research in the areas listed below. This research is then used to take action in a variety of social arenas that include public education and challenging relevant social institutions such as education systems, local-state-federal governments, media outlets, and the criminal justice system.

If you or your organization is interested in getting involved, or if you just want to know more information, please call us at (229) 234-2856 or send us an email.

Ongoing Major Projects

Current Local Work

graphic1 The "End the Division" Effort - As the nation continues to divide itself along political lines, the MTP is working to draw attention to the role one-sided, political "news" and "talk radio" outlets have played in fueling social division and polarization in the nation. We also work to draw attention to how they have profited financially from it. With that said, we are currently working to educate the public and challenge local media outlets about the role they have played in capitalizing on the "culture war" and dividing our nation. To get involved in this effort or for more information call us at (229) 234-2856 or send us an email.

police Police Reform and the Case of Antonio Smith (WARNING: VIOLENT VIDEO CONTENT) - Given the over-policing of communities of color and ongoing issues with racial profiling, the MTP is currently reviewing the case of Mr. Antonio Smith who was wrongly arrested and assaulted by a local Valdosta Police Officer. For more information or to get involved call us at (229) 234-2856 or send us an email.

Commemoration Events

Commemorating the Victims of 1918 - In May of most years the MTP organizes a Mary Turner Commemoration event. This multi-racial, multi-generational event is attended by people from all over the country. It usually involves a shared meal, a short program, reflections from the descendants of the 1918 lynching victims, and a caravan to the site of Mary Turner's murder. There the group shares thoughts, poetry, song and prayers. The public is always invited to this historic event which takes place in Hahira, Georgia. Below are a few scenes from the 2009 gathering. For more information on the next commemoration call us at (229) 234-2856 or send us an email